Saturday, July 13, 2013

Your Incentive Tour : What does it do ?

No matter how big your organization is, Kesari MICE is here, to make your every corporate tour, rich in learning, networking, business communication & fun. The companies who have availed our services in the past, have appreciated the positive results they have obtained from our corporate travel programs. What matters to us, is your satisfaction and faith in our services, lets analyze why a company should invest in our productive Corporate Travel Programs.

 Benefits achieved by a Company through Corporate Travel Programs

 1. Company values are brought into focus : Everyday life at work ,distracts one’s attention towards the core values of an organization, these programs help employees to work, in accord with the values of the company with a fresh and enthusiastic attitude.

 2. Loyalty and Commitment are cultivated : If you are engaging and interacting with employees, it builds trust and restores the faith of employees in the company. Initiatives like these encourage loyalty and commitment from employees.

 3. Inspires Participation : Employees who remain inactive in company activities, can be brought into a performance mode, through corporate traveling. In such travels, some fun activities are arranged and employees who aren’t very outspoken express themselves. Such acts work as an icebreaker and build team spirit.
 4. Inspires Good Team Co-ordination : A corporate tour develops a good team and builds relationships among several working departments. A company can work better if there is a proper co-ordination among the team members.

 5. Builds Positive Approach : Employees feel demoralized due to monotonous life, at work and hence they lose their focus and become negative. Corporate travel provides a positive approach and hence people gain the enthusiasm and focus to work actively.

Kesari MICE has a varied range of Corporate Travel Programs, where employees are encouraged to participate in activities which help them in being creative, knowledgeable and culturally inclined. These activities not only entertain but also contribute to society through voluntary services. They also provide a chance to develop leadership skills through trainings. A loyal relationship is formed between the employee and the organization boosting productivity.

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