Monday, December 2, 2013

Make your corporate travel, a delightful experience in Macau with Kesari MICE!

Imagine yourself spending your working hours in the serenity of the woods, listening to the waves and doing all those things that you thought you could never have done at work. Welcome to the beautiful land of enormous wonders, Macau, where work would no longer be the same. Whether you are a regular or a seasoned traveler, Macau is a destination that never fails to impress, be it fun, entertainment, food or shopping. And while its spectacles attract all kinds of crowds, there is always a little bit of indulgence away from the masses in the natural offerings.

Macau is an amazing blend of the old with the new, the superstructures donning its skyline with the early Victorian-era style structures. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Macau's skyline and the gorgeous views of the Pearl river, make a visit to the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral to witness the history and architecture of the bygone times, reach at one of the highest points, the Penha Hill where nestles the Penha Church – a Catholic Chapel, a very historic monument, situated on the southwest tip of the Macau Peninsula, is one of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples, the A-Ma temple.

These and more, Macau has the attractions to enthrall everyone, and Kesari MICE brings you just that. It offers an incredible range of services to cater the business traveler, a combination of business and leisure to suit all your corporate needs with an ambience that is more like a vacation to work, relax and enjoy.