Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you giving value to the venue?

The “E” alphabet in MICE acronym means EVENTS. Events are a major and popular part of the MICE tourism. Most of the MICE tours are organized solely for this major purpose of event, which attendees look forward to. Entire year they work hard for this gala event. 

Corporate events are organized with much planning and enthusiasm. Creativity is given much importance here.

When the event is so very important, it comes naturally for organizers to give importance to the venue where event will take place. An “I can’t wait until next year” enthusiasm is what the organizers of the event desire. The location is a primary consideration when it comes to arranging a mega business event. It is organizer's sole responsibility to plan these events. A mismatched venue or other related choices could directly affect future opportunities. The event is window to the company’s reputation and name. Be creative while looking for venue. Besides the usual hotel conferences, historic castles, museums and even gardens are chosen and converted into mesmerizing venues for corporate functions. 

KesariMICE has all the expertise to choose the right venue for your event. We take complete ownership of your event, every minute detail has our special touch and nothing is ever left to chance. You have to experience it to believe it!