Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Popularity of Corporate Incentive Travel

Winning awards, no matter how big or small, is always exhilarating and peps up the mood. Remember those moments when you’re anticipating a reward the next day at your workplace? You eagerly wait for the moment to arrive and when the moment of reckoning comes, you’re equally nervous about it! The idea of incentive programs in the travel sector has been derived from the same concept of ‘anticipation of a reward’.In the English language, ‘incentive’ means encouragement as a reward for something. Companies and corporates are increasingly using the idea of ‘incentive programs’ to motivate employees and establish a bond between the organization and employees. The idea of incentive program may seem to be a new inclusion in the work culture however; its roots can be traced back to 1910 in the USA when the National Cash Register Company of Danton organized a trip to New York for employees as a reward for work!

In the 1960s, incentive trips became very popular and corporate vacation was seen as a mark of luxury and status in the workforce. As the travel industry has matured and evolved all across the world, corporate travel has gone through a sea of changes. Nowadays, corporates strategize numerous kinds of incentive programs that offer a mix of options– motivational activities and vacations. Incentive trips have become increasingly popular because they give employees a wonderful chance to experience exotic locations. Incentive trips also help corporates and employees to create an emotional connectivity, relax and know each other in a better way. Such trips promote positivity among employees and reduce stress and conflict situations at work. A fun trip indeed impacts the working of a company in the long run.

Some people argue that a cash reward is often absorbed into the participant’s daily budget and is forgotten soon. However, a travel incentive strikes a deep chord in the participant’s heart and leaves behind a truck load of memories to cherish throughout the life. It also stimulates a sense of trust and bonding with other employees contributing to the overall work culture. Traveling together with employees creates a strong sense of team spirit and helps everyone to know each other closely, thereby motivating the entire team to perform collectively. It is indeed true that a travel incentive has greater appeal than a cash reward.

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