Friday, November 30, 2012

Rewards are essential!!

Hard Work can be best enjoyed when it is repaid!! Awards, Rewards and Recognition play a significant role in enhancing productivity and generating employee satisfaction. Acknowledging staff efforts in an interesting award night is further more exciting and enjoyable. Awards Night is an integral part of MICE tourism as most of the incentive tours are designed to felicitate employees, associates or partners. So Awards become purpose of incentive trips.

Sending competent and deserving employees to outstation destinations is something many corporate firms and multinationals are willing to do. Here comes the need for reliable tour operators who can facilitate fun-filled travel for the staff members and at the same time share the responsibility with the company of making it enjoyable and problem-free. Kesari MICE goes beyond and tries its best to give the best experience to all the attendees of the trip.

The destination of the incentive trip or the award night might change every year to keep the employee interested and engrossed. People who qualify for incentive trips have earned this trip. This trip becomes whole and sole purpose of their hard work throughout the year. Thus, it becomes even more important to make it a memorable one for them. Kesari strives to cater to complete traveling requirements by offering comprehensive service and travel assistance. The tour starts right from picking the deserving employees from their homes and flying them off to the destination & again dropping them back. Giving a more than extra ordinary experience is Kesari MICE's priority.

So whatever field you are working, next time whenever you think of company award night, think of Kesari MICE.