Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To travel is to experience a newer yourself; to travel is to motivate yourself to find a different you, unique you, special you!

Motivation is the harbinger of life and energy. It is equivalent to desires at all aspects of being a human. It is motivation that helps to succeed in every endeavor. The word motivation means desires, wants and drives that compel us to find things to improve our life and lifestyles. It is motivation that stirs inside us the deep driving desire to pace ahead in life and learn new things. It is motivation that focuses us to work towards accomplishing our goals. In our lives, we’ve desire for money, success, recognition, job-satisfaction, team work, etc. What are these components in our everyday life? Well, they’re nothing but motivations to achieve higher goals and to do better at every step of life. In the current business world, a wave of motivational surge is enveloping employees, which contrary to the popular belief, is encouraging them to perform at their peaks!

Yes, there are travel incentives given to professionals to go abroad or outside their country and experience exquisite lifestyle. The buzzword in the travel industry is ‘Motivational Travel’. Several big organizations are these days offering great opportunities to their sales team or even the creative teams for traveling to different locations. The criterion is crystal clear– achieve your targets, boost numbers and go for vacations to exotic locations. Just imagine the level of enthusiasm and excitement teams & companies will experience once they achieve a target and they’re given opportunities to travel together to some great destinations. Kesari MICE is fortunate that its get a chance to bring these dreams into reality. Organizations who have believed in our brand have given Kesari MICE an opportunity to arrange such motivational travel for their associates. So your motivation travel becomes team Kesari MICE motivation and we make sure that they are motivated for bigger challenges and ready to explore new destination next time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rewards are essential!!

Hard Work can be best enjoyed when it is repaid!! Awards, Rewards and Recognition play a significant role in enhancing productivity and generating employee satisfaction. Acknowledging staff efforts in an interesting award night is further more exciting and enjoyable. Awards Night is an integral part of MICE tourism as most of the incentive tours are designed to felicitate employees, associates or partners. So Awards become purpose of incentive trips.

Sending competent and deserving employees to outstation destinations is something many corporate firms and multinationals are willing to do. Here comes the need for reliable tour operators who can facilitate fun-filled travel for the staff members and at the same time share the responsibility with the company of making it enjoyable and problem-free. Kesari MICE goes beyond and tries its best to give the best experience to all the attendees of the trip.

The destination of the incentive trip or the award night might change every year to keep the employee interested and engrossed. People who qualify for incentive trips have earned this trip. This trip becomes whole and sole purpose of their hard work throughout the year. Thus, it becomes even more important to make it a memorable one for them. Kesari strives to cater to complete traveling requirements by offering comprehensive service and travel assistance. The tour starts right from picking the deserving employees from their homes and flying them off to the destination & again dropping them back. Giving a more than extra ordinary experience is Kesari MICE's priority.

So whatever field you are working, next time whenever you think of company award night, think of Kesari MICE.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert

The aforementioned statement is true to every extent. Imagine how dull our life would be without exploring the world, meeting new people and experiencing the lifestyle of different cultures. It is because of these values, traveling is spiritually and intellectually stimulating. Traveling is a call to action, to live your life to the fullest, to escape into a world totally different, often unknown. Generally, we dream to visit places that we’ve been hearing about since our childhood or we’ve read about them in travel books. So no matter you want to visit Thailand, have a gala dinner at Nong Nooch village Tropical Garden and experience its nightlife and beaches, you’ve to plan to make it a reality. If you’re a company willing to organize a corporate event at the magnificent Universal Studios Theme park of Singapore, even then you need months of planning and preparation. What about a dream- that would make you a darling of your team members. Party on a cruise along the Thames River and see the grand London. Well, every travel dream can be possible, if it is affordable and well-planned. Kesari MICE can make all this happen for you! Yes, it can. Kesari MICE, a division of Kesari Tours is a name synonymous with Group tours. It has all the expertise and experience to organize company events, product launch, individual tours, group trips, special tours and couple tours. We place high value on personal care and comfort of our customers and we take ownership of every assignment you give to us. Right from perfect itinerary, comfortable accommodation, sumptuous food & caring tour managers, Kesari Mice takes every step to ensure that your travel experience is full of great memories. While we are rated best for our services, you’ll be surprised to know about our ‘out of the box’ ideas in implementing special tour packages for our clients. Just dial 1 800 233 2333 or visit You have to experience it to believe it. We’re just a call away!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kesari : Plans the best Corporate Tours

Office work becomes tedious quite often and you want your employees to do well. Why not take them all out for a corporate tour? You may want to increase the motivational power, the job satisfactions pointers a bit high, if you want this you might want to know more about KesariMICE, the corporate division of Kesari is into planning and organizing meetings, conferences, seminars and events.  It is a division of Kesari Tours; "Kesari" a name synonymous with Group tours with 71 tour options in Europe, 61 in South East Asia, 53 in India and more than 60 in rest of the world has KesariMICE division for specialized business travel. Kesari has earned goodwill and great reputation from the corporate sector owing to the quality services.

From a meeting or a conference to incentive tours or just merely a group visiting the corporate trade fair we provide everything. You may want to motivate your employees. It becomes difficult for your company to arrange the tour amidst all the work reasons you are travelling for, so you must give it to some reliable tour operators like Kesari. We make sure everything is properly carried out. From the conference, to evening tours, to small adventure outings everything will be provided under corporate tours. This tour serves as the best option for any corporate house to motivate and make the employees enthusiastic. KesariMice does the best servicing and everything is well carried out and serviced. Kesari tours offer a vast array of travel options to suit the needs and requirements of all kinds of travelers. The core objective of Kesari tours is to attain customer satisfaction and they leave no stone unturned to do so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KesariMICE: Offering Services of the best Quality

The travel industry has undoubtedly created ripples in the recent years. With the rise in the income of the people, their ability to spend has truly gone up. This has led to their indulgence in various activities. Travel is one of them. However, it needs to be mentioned that travel in today’s time is not just a recreational activity. Travel for meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions commonly referred to as MICE has very recently gained momentum.

Kesari Tours is truly committed to deliver world class services. With our sincere efforts and interesting new age concept of tours, we aim to suffice to the various travel needs and requirements of the corporate through our division KesariMICE.

We strive towards offering a wholesome and fulfilling experience with personalized services of the best order. With outstanding services, we offer these tours to various domestic and international destinations at unparalleled prices making for exquisite and memorable experiences..!!